Erin May Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions about Erin May's custom photo jewelry.

How do I Send Photos?

Photos can be accepted digitally by email. Please attach the photos to the email as .jpg or .tiff files. When you place your order, we will give you specific instructions on where to email your photos.

Can I Send Physical Photos?

No. Photos can only be accepted digitally. Please scan your photos using a professional scanner and with the highest possible resolution.

Which Photos Work Best?

Typically photos with a simple, lightly colored background work best. Photos with busy backgrounds tend to obscure the subject when the photo is shrunk down. Keep in mind that we will crop the photos as appropriate, usually around the upper body and face.

Color or Black and White?

We will convert all photos to black and white unless requested by the client to use color. If the photo you want to use is in color please do not convert it to black and white for us. We have a special process for converting photos to black and white that preserves the quality of the photo.

What Size Photo Do I Send?

Please send all photos in the largest file size possible. Even though the photos will be shrunk down to a small size, it is better to start with a large photo.

Can Charms Be Added Later?

Yes! If you would like a photo charm added to an existing piece of jewelry, just contact us to inquire about adding additional charms.

Is Photo Jewelry Waterproof?

No. Erin May's custom photo jewelry is water resistant, but cannot be submerged in water or jewelry cleaning solution. Please remove the jewelry before bathing, washing dishes or any other water-based activity.

How Do I Clean the Jewelry?

You can clean Erin May jewelry using a clean polishing cloth. Do not submerge in jewelry cleaning solution as that may damage the photograph.

Return Policy

Because each piece is custom made, Erin May does not accept returns.


If your piece becomes damaged due to regular use, Erin May will gladly repair it. The only cost to you is the cost of shipping your piece to us. We will ship back to you free of charge.